Thursday, July 2, 2009

It may very well be interesting to see how many can tune in to challenge this designed wavelength. I fear only the imperious will. Could I be lucky?

The plight of man is heading in a tenuous direction at best. We are on the verge of totally destroying this planet for all life… not just humankind. It would be inaccurate to say for sure that doomsday is at hand but it is as clear as glass that barring some dramatic turn of events THAT WE all are to be damned.

What has happened? Why hasn’t evolution assured our progression from beasts to the keepers of this, our starship. We have evolved so far technologically, and yet while some can be congratulated for their forward thinking it is obvious that the majority continue to selfishly hold tightly to archaic beliefs that, by their very nature, assure that a decent into one of the realms of chaos and total obliteration are inevitable. What am I talking about? Just try to follow along and ((if only I had a brain)) you should be able to get it.

A list that begins with some simple human characteristics that define a sadly large percentage of mankind. Those who cling unyieldingly to some dogma presented by so many self appointed “enlightened teachers” are being led like lemmings toward the abyss of total annihilation. Sadly, this is just what they believe is the way things were intended by some supreme being. They see heroism in giving theirs (or any others), life for some nebulous cause conjured up by one of these so called ‘men of God’. It is incredibly sad that so many otherwise intelligent people live within such a void of innovative logic to guide their beliefs.

There is no basic difference between our fanatical Christians and those Muslims we call terrorists. They are both bent on destroying anything that conflicts with their warped and imperfect view of reality. They both think theirs is the one and only true God and that they are the one and only chosen few, justified in taking any action they believe supports these sadly perverted beliefs. Sometimes I think real justice would be for the Bin Laden's and the Chaney's of this world, to be together in a cold, cold room for infinity. Just imagine them having to huddle together for warmth…….just imagine.

These people don’t believe in evolution because an ancient book written by a variety of who knows who's implies so and because doing so would require admitting that their book of beliefs might be more allegorical than factual. This enables them to deny clear facts as presented by committed scientists and to invent a new form of science that is devoid of any scientific method or logical interpretation. They are a disgrace to education and it is a shame that so much attention must be wasted on them.

But, they aren’t the real problem!

It is the lemmings that choose to follow their lead rather than think for themselves and who’s response is as enablers for extremism. There are a number of issues here. They extend far beyond the aforementioned examples.

Even equal ‘in its wretchedness’ is the tendency of scientists and mathmatitions to make the same huge mistake in the defense of their logic...that is the disregard of some of the most fundamental and especially significant members of the scaffolding that may….or may not, support their equations... at all. This in turn, promotes the use of inventions such as ‘constants’ which in general, are simply a method of manipulating numbers to support conclusions that are anticipated and to avoid consideration of what should be the obvious.

One particular Christian tenet espoused by the Papal Realm provides perhaps the most obvious, the most transparent result from the annals of Papal myopia. How in the name of the “Infinite, All That Is” , (ATI): could such a plan that, if followed piously, forbids any form of loving except for that which ignores sex.

Hello??????? Uh, excuse me??? Can we be sort'a’ real here for a moment???

The most obviously and most certainly logical result is that... in an instant of time, we will be far, far too many to possibly feed. What does Jesus say about that. Just haw many fish can he conjure up????

Huh!! Well Huh!!??

What can you say to that with even a semblance of our God given reason? The Ultimate Flaw with Papal egotism is that it has no option even when it is so visibly in error. It, therefore, and all that in probability follows is complete nonsense and worthy of a footnote in science, at best.

So pathetic. Why must we be so. Why is it so hard to see the almighty as is? He clearly shows himself to be so much greater than we could ever hope to imagine………...and then...

Are we but instruments of an inner creature or are we constantly evolving products of our quantum nature? Does the string theory logically evolve into our perception of music, dance and other arts?

Do we have individuality or are we but the consequences of an evolving chaotic?

("I think therefore I am." If this the case I should be able to think beyond my own boundaries with my imagination alone because if I am limited to my minds extent to perceive I should be able to warp my perspective, even if my mind or any ones for that matter has gotten used to a routine and specialized.” James Matheson )

And so then what, or,... what not……...we have an never-ending example We create art and science and we leave what we believe to be eternal record of our brief time of existence……..because we believe….believe! What is that!!!

Much is yet to be and time is not on our side.

The Supreme Courts divided decision regarding the application of DNA testing after conviction to definitely determine guilt or innocence has to be one of the most obtuse, heartless and bewildering decisions in the history of jurisprudence.. When there is a clear and conclusive method to determine a persons guilt or innocence that is beyond the shadow of doubt….regardless of when it is recovered...mere basic comprehension of anyone with an iota of intellect to find logic in their justification to deny one of the right to exonerate himself. Absolutely appalling in its total rejection of the most basic reckoning.

Is it true that our courts have dissolved towards irrelevance and the clearly bigoted and narrow minded singularity of the majority should be considered one of the great shames of our times? If so, then we are all guilty, for it is we who put these people with such insignificant wisdom, difficulties and impaired social skills, in such positions of power that they can continue to disregard all good sense for the rest of their lifetimes on the bench?

Oh my, how irritatingly annoying I have become . Please, rip me to shreds…..I deserve it!

I have to get it going here. Too much time wasted.

What are we??????

Big Q...need simple ans:

So answer it!!!

Not so fast…..there are formulae that define that very Q!!

Are they what truly is, or …..?

Where to go from here takes a leap…. Of faith or chance or whatever type leap you want….and that very leap definitely defines our consequential list of items

Should I go on or should I go back to my observation post…..??

If anyone is interested I’ll check back later….I don’t have a lot of time available to steer , so….

I may respond to like-minded ‘folk. If interesting.


PS. To be able to visualize with accuracy the most indelibly elaborate structure of star birth and contemplate the most mystical concepts of intimate love simultaneously,…. at the same moment………………...How can such magic be translated into any words…….all I can say is sighhh…………….

Its so simple really. It is but it is for the coward I know that I am. Some tried to make me a hero and I did my best to make it no big deal. You see in fact, I ran up those stairs toward the sounds of a wailing mother because I was afraid to face the possible bullet waiting for me on the other side of the street!

I was running away!!

I was terrified of dying……

I had no idea what was about to be... nor the years of self destruction to follow.

Not only am I a coward withso many regrets that I wasn’t helping where I should have been…..but to live with the continuous memory of blood-soaked hands softly trying to hold a little girls brains from falling on the floor…... So the nightmares go both ways and I want to either kill or be killed to make somejustice after all these years……